Monday, March 23, 2009

First Blog

This is the first blog in my life. Hope I can devote it forever and not 3 minutes hot (三分钟热度). Hope I will share as much as possible through my blog. Finally want to tell my lovely girlfriend, Jia "I love you!!!", hope this blog also can share all my things with you. Please give me some support, you are my power!!!


  1. congla to u... so fast u r created blog!!! but still less with a crucial weapon. Wish you can managed to do it well.. Er... do remember, the 1st pic u take, must is me, but not others.. haha.. ya, i will support u, but only mentally! look forward you nice pic..

  2. Sure... You must be my first shot target. Before this, you have to keep yourself looking better first. Must remember that is only a DSLR camera, and I wont do any editing for my first shot.

  3. wat u mean by keep yourself looking better?? :(