Friday, April 10, 2009

My first DSLR Nikon D90

Finally I had deal my first DSLR in FOTOKEM Subang Parade on last week. It is really excited me due to its performance really satisfy me hence I very sure I will not regret to bought it. It is definitely suitable for entry level as well as those experienced photographer, who plan to upgrade his camera.

My lovely girlfriend at her brother's workshop.

My first snap in Oldtown, "Nasi Lemak" by using Nikon D90

Below are some photos I took during the first night and the second day I bought this camera. The first four pictures was captured during and after the celebration dinner in Yaki Yaki restaurant. I tried the snapshot with flash (Top) and without flash (Bottom).

I have a personal preference which I like nightshot, previously I always failed to do it with my compact camera, finally I can do it with this DSLR camera. I believe most of the DSLR also able to do it, but one thing it is make me wonder and attract me is, this camera able to take a nightshot snap during I driving around the KLCC (It is capture by my lovely girlfriend with auto mode). As per what I know, most of the photo will become terrible blur if the hand is vibrating or the target is moving when capturing, like what happened in the first nightshot, the cars is blur due to moving, it is really make me wonder and think how possible to make it. Hope I can find the reason after I familiarize all the operation.

These pictures was took in my warmly house and the target is my newborn nephew named Kenzie. He is just 2 months old, normally the camera's flash light will harm to those the newborn's eyes and must avoid it. It is really a obstacle for those compact camera with low shutter speed. So these photos were I capture without any flash light, Kenzie looks cute in the pictures.

Through these photos I can realise the differs between the compact camera and the DSLR, it is really amazing. Now I can understand why so many photographer willing to spend so much just for capture a single picture. I must improve my skill so I can take more pictures to attach and share in my blog. Gambateh!!!

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