Thursday, April 29, 2010

Outing with Wei Ting

Last week, I had a outdoor portrait photography with my photokakis in Sentosa. Thanks God, the photo session was proceed successful under a cloudy day. This time we are invited a very pretty girl named Wei Ting, she is a very cute and friendly girl. Thanks to Wei Ting because keep on showing us her smiling face even she was feeling unwell and granted us a happy & interesting outdoor portrait photo session. Let's share with my efforts and hope you will enjoy my photos.

Outdoor Portrait Photography

We spent about three hours to shooting with Wei Ting until the sky is almost dark (it is almost dusk also), we started to set up the lighting to attempt some photography with the high power flash light.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My First Studio Photography

Last few weeks, I had a studio photography session with my photokakis. This is my first time to learn the studio photography, I still not familiar how to handle the lighting in studio, hopefully I still got another chances to attempt the studio photography, so I can try and familiarize more different lighting. Between I want to thanks to our lovely model Hui Bing (惠冰), she is very friendly and very good patient because willing to spent her priceless time to fulfill our requests to make different poses. Let's share with you my efforts on my first studio shooting.

Studio Photography

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Macro Close Up 4

Last month I was visited to Singapore Botanic Garden again with my photokakis and attempted close up shot there. The weather is very good, the sunlight is suitable to take the outdoor photo especially for those colorful flowers. Don't want make so much crap let's share you my efforts.

Botanic Garden Macro Again

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