Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nikon D90 my last decision

After few months survey, finally I had decided the model of my first DSLR "Nikon D90". I am very sure and be firm to buy it now. Before that, I am facing the dilemma in between the Canon 40D and Nikon D90. I had try to ask a lot people around me and did a lot surveying through the photography blog. Both of it have their pros and cons, it is really make me doubt and hard to make the decision.

Before that, I had a part time job in a camera shop, Canon really give me a very good impression, it is really reliable and not cost a lot. This is the reason why I consider the Canon 40D and do a lot surveys to this model. I also forgot when it is happened, most of my colleagues and friends were kept promoting me the Nikon camera, I have been influenced and call my attention to the Nikon D90. I start to collect a lot information and do the comparison between both of it, I compare the features, prices and most important is the lens bundle in the standard kits.

Finally, I found that the Nikon D90 is more worth than Canon 40D, the main reason to make the Nikon D90 worth is because it is bundled with a 18-105mm VR lens and besides that it has added the fish-eye features. If the feature can performs sufficiently, I may need not to buy a fish-eye lens and I can spend the money to buy other lenses instead to buy a fish-eye lens .

Most probably, I will make my deal very soon. Hope the Nikon D90 really can show me it is worth. So, I wont regret to buy it since I abandon the Canon 40D and betray as a Canon supporter.

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