Sunday, May 17, 2009

Henderson Waves Bridge

Yesterday I went to the Southern Ridges to trace the Henderson Waves Bridge which is a very unique bridge connecting the Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. The journey to trace this "legend" bridge was really tiring, I took almost one hour to walk across the jungle to reach there. Anyway this journey I really gained a lot, at least I can reach the place and took a lot nice photos.

I departed from the Marang Trail nearby the Harbour Front station on 5.00pm, the distance is very far from the destination and I need to climbed on innumerable staircase to go the place(damn tiring). Luckily on midway can take some rest on Faber Point, during resting I had took some photos there.

Faber Point

Finally I am near around my destination, I really very excited and almost scream out when I saw the sign board "Henderson Waves". I tried to speed up and hope can reach the bridge as soon as possible.

Mount Faber Park Sign Board

The Sign Board I Keen To See

The Place I Keen To Reach

When I reached there is around 6.00pm. Ok, start from now no more crap , let's me share you my effort.

Begin of the bridge

Middle of the bridge

End of the bridge

After waited one and a half hour on the bridge, finally the Mr. Sun need to go home and I saw the dusk.

Trying some night shot while waiting the dark night

Night view of the bridge

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. Great camera work and the bridge is stunning. Such beauty in the world to photograph.

  2. These are REALLY beautiful. I wan't to go find the bridge and walk on it right away!

  3. You are welcome sweetcheeks. The structure of the bridge is really unique, the lighting is very nice. Really regretless to walk so long and take photo on this bridge.

  4. Yes Echo you must make a time to walk on it. I pledge you will very enjoy the environment.

  5. Nice pictures. I have read a lot of Conrad.

  6. Thanks JL Martínez Hens. Hope I able to share more nice photo.

  7. I personally prefer colourful pictures. Those picture look so odd to me.Perhaps you should try capture babies photo which i feel is not easy to get a perfect smiling face from a baby =)
    Good Luck!