Saturday, April 11, 2009

Experience in Jurong Bird Park

Today I went to the Jurong Bird Park, there are a lot models over there and they are suffice to kill the capacity of my camera's memory. This trip I had tried the Manual Focus because most of them are confined inside the cage, it is hard to use Auto Focus to aim them.

Auto Focus (Seems like block by the cage)
Manual Focus

Since they are always moving during capturing, so I had manipulated some basic shutter speed and aperture skill.

Try to take a panning photo but can't really feel it.

Take with different shutter speed

Through this trip, I saw a lot colorful birds meanwhile most of them are on verge of extinction due by pollution and disafforestation. To ensure our next generation still able to see these species in future, I think we have to bear the responsibility to protect them.

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  1. the photo that you took were very good

  2. Thanks Vanessa. I will keep improve and upload more nice photos.

  3. Love all the photos. Some really great ones in there. Gotta find one to set as my desktop background :)

  4. Thanks for your support. I will keep improving.