Saturday, April 11, 2009

Attempt Nightshot in Merlion Park

This is my first time to attempt the nightshot with DSLR, it is really a good experience but disappointed me. Before that I very confident with my D90, I thought I will capture some nice photos but it is not. This doesn't means the D90 unable to capture nice nightshot, I disappointed because I not bring along his partner "Tripod" and my photography skill is not ripe enough. Hand shaking really a death-wound for nightshot, luckily it can complement by the tripod. I did a lot unflattering mistake in these photos, anyway this night snapshot really a good experience to me.

Night view of the city is really beautiful and attracting, unfortunately my tripod was not with me on that moment, regret not bring along my tripod during I back to Singapore. But I wont give up easily, I will bring along the tripod next attempt and I must gain more experience to improve my skill. Hope I able to capture better nightshot next time.

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