Monday, August 23, 2010

Studio Photography with Aki & Misaki - Part 2

The purpose we hired two models is because we hope can form two group and able to try differences lighting in the same time. Let's share with you the photos I took with Misaki.

Aki & Misaki - Part 2

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  1. Hi there, Luther here. After seeing her photo at her fb. you got all your skin tone all wrong. you have whitebalance it wrongly. I am a photographer too but i feel that athought you have explain the purpose of getting 2 model.But there arent a significant differents in the style of lighting . High Key/ Low keg. Directional side lighting or tungsten lights.The differents between 1 or 2 lights on her. What i see her is a omni light that lights up the model evenly.Athlought there is some amount of side lights. It just that tiny little bit.

  2. Hi Luther. Thanks for your comments, I still a beginner for studio photography. I agree what you mentioned, there are no significant differences between this 2 style of lighting. Between, what is the most suitable white balance for studio photography? Hope can receive more comments and gain some knowledge.