Friday, October 16, 2009

Asia Auto Salon 2009

Last weekend after finished my best friend's wedding in Esplanade mall, I went to Expo again to attend the Asia Auto Salon 2009. This is a trade show specifically catered to car enthusiasts and the relevant industry parties. Let's share with you some of my photos.

Singapore's Asia Auto Salon 2009

Nissan Sklyline GTR

Can see the car price???

Old sport car

After the appetizer let's start the main course. Let's enjoy some portrait photos I took in Asia Auto Salon 2009, this is my main purpose went to this event. There are a lot professional and pretty show girls in Asia Auto Salon 2009, I took a lot photos there.

Finally is the dessert, this time I tried a new thing in Asia Auto Salon 2009, this is the panning I tried there. It is really a very difficult photography skill, I tried a lot panning there but this is the only photo I satisfied and it is still not nice enough and haven't reach my target. Hope I can master this skill, so I able to take more photos and can sharing my improved panning photo here.


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