Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lonely Mid Autumn Festival in Merlion Park

Yesterday was Mid Autumn Festival, suppose I want to go back to Malaysia to celebrate with my family but it is very unfortunately I need to work and can't go back to celebrate in my hometown. This year again I am missed a chance to taste the mooncake, it is really boring to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival alone, so I decided to go to Merlion Park and take some photos to unlearn my lonely mood. This is my third attempt in Merlion Park, let's share with you my efforts.

Nightshot in Merlion Park

I found that I become more and more love and enjoy to take photo, it is really a good remedy to forget all my annoyance. I can even take photos until I almost miss the last train to go back home, I really not realize that I stayed so long and take photos in Merlion Park. It is still far from my target, however hope this time really can see my improvement. I must improve my skill then only able to sharing more good photos with you all. "Rhen Hwa Gambade la!!!"

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