Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vopiano - The Comune In Turin, Italy

Just realized that, there is no update on my blog quite some time since year 2012. Perhaps it is due to the past years I just focus on portrait photography and not sharing any photos on my blog. So, I think now is the time for me to reactivate my blog, to ensure there are more photos update here. Last month, I went to Volpiano on my business trip. Volpiano is a comune in the province of Turin, it is located at the north of Italy. It is the one of the light industrial and agricultural center in Italy. Let's share some of the photos I took in Volpiano.

Volpiano - Turin, Italy

Coop Supermarket

This is the only supermarket in Volpiano, it is about 3KM away from my hotel, this is the only place that I can to get some snacks every time when I feel hungry. However, most of the store in Volpiano is closed after 8PM, so it is not easy to find any foods after 8PM. This is really a bad thing to me as supper is my daily needs.

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