Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Attempt of Macro Photography in Admiralty Park

This morning I purposely wake up very early and planned to go to Admiralty Park to test my new macro lens and hope can capture some nice photos. Maybe because of raining since yesterday night, the weather is very good and the lighting is very suitable to take photo in outdoor. Don't make so much crap here, let's see my efforts in Admiralty Park.

Macro Photography in Admiralty Park

The Grasshopper is Eating

After this outing, I found that the tripod not only useful during attempt the nightshot, it is also very important for macro photography. The tripod really an important gear to avoid the shaking and stable the camera when take photo, no wonder we can see most of the photographers are bring along their tripod no matter where they are.

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  1. Nice micro, glad to browse your blog.

  2. Thanks Lensfreak. I am still a beginner need more time to practise and improve.