Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip - Chaktuchak Weekend Market(Day 3)

After 2 days visited to those famous and historic places in Bangkok, the last day we must visit to somewhere can get the souvenir which not so costly. So, we decided to visit to the Chaktuchak Market in Bangkok which one of biggest weekend market in the world. The things selling in Chatuchak Market is lower price than Shopping Malls and city center area, but it is depends on how good of your skill for bargaining.

Chaktuchak Weekend Market

Guess what she fried and selling

Dare to taste it?

Chaktchak really a big market, besides foods and drinks you can get any local products such like fashions, pets, trees, handicrafts, furniture, home decorations, antique, souvenirs almost all of things that you can think of, you can be found there.

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