Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bangkok Trip - Erawan Shrine & Yaowarat (Day 1)

Last week I had a fantastic 3 days trip with my girlfriend in Bangkok, this is my first time take flight to other country. What a coincidence it is also the first trip I travel to other country with my beloved (Besides Singapore). I think she must be feel glad that I share all my first time with her. Not only my beloved, I also gave my first time to Air Asia (Should it feel proud? Hee...). We took the early flight depart around 8:00am from LCCT .

Air Asia

Inside the plane

Arrived in Bangkok is around 11:00am (Bangkok Time), after alighted in Bangkok airport we go to the tourist service counter inquired about the taxi fare and get to the hotel.

The civic landscapes view from my room

The place we stay

After settle down in the hotel we begin for our first destination, a sanctity place "Erawan Shrine", it is a place must go by every tourist. When we reach Erawan Shine, there is crowded with adherents, hearsay that if you make your wish there will achieve very soon. Hope the rumor is truth, so the wish we made in Erawan Shrine can achieve soon.

Erawan Shrine

Erawan Shrine is located in the centre of the town, it is surrounded with all the famous shopping mall in Bangkok. Hence, after we visited to Erawan Shrine, we spent our day time in all the shopping mall.

The swimmer wax doll beside the Siam Center

We walk around in all the shopping mall until evening then we proceed to our second plan and also the last destination for our first day "Yaowarat" (Chinatown).


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  1. wah...bangkok really nice leh.....I want go..

  2. Bangkok is low expenses for tourist, it is no problem for you and I think you can afford it.

  3. you write well and pics r nice too dude

  4. Thanks. Hope you really can enjoy with the photos I sharing here.