Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bangkok Trip - Emerald Buddha & Grand Palace (Day 2)

The second day consider is my main purpose to visit to Bangkok because today we will visit to most of the famous and historic places in Bangkok. As what I planned and predicted before I depart from LCCT, I was took a lot in these places.

Emerald Buddha Temple

This morning we are wake up quite early, because we had took the tourism package in the airport and make an appointment to meet with the driver and depart from hotel on 9:00am. The distance between our hotel and Emerald Buddha Temple is around 2km, we took around half an hour to reach there. On the way to Emerald Buddha, we saw a lot of famous places like Boxing Stadium, Golden Mount and etc that we not visit due to lack of time.

On the way

After half an hour, finally we can see the Emerald Buddha Temple beside the road, I really felt excited at the moment because I can take a lot photos very soon.

Beside the road

Outside the temple

Ticket counter

Luckily there are not much tourist at that time, we can get the ticket easier and enter the Emerald Buddha Temple. Let's share with you my efforts.

Sunny day

It is really a hot sunny day, anyway the sun can't submerge my ambition, let's continue.

Wall painting

After visit to the Emerald Buddha Temple, we go to the next destination "Grand Palace" which is linked with Emerald Temple and next to the it. Anyway, due to the weather is not so good even there are not much shelter for resting in Grand Palace so I not take much photos there.

At the exit

The consequence to challenge the sun

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  1. WOW....really sweat....what a hot day...

  2. Yup, it is very hot. Next time must visit to a cold country!!!