Saturday, January 7, 2012

Macau & Hong Kong Trip - First Night in Macau

End of October on 2011, I had a short trip with my wife in Macau & Hong Kong. It is really a wonderful trip for us, we visited to a lot nice sights and ate a lot tasty foods in Macau & Hong Kong. The first night when we reached in Macau was already 8pm, so after checked-in to Hotel Best Western, we were went to Rua do Cunha (官也街) to having our dinner in Restaurant Seng Cheong (Casa de Pasto Seng Choeng, 诚昌饭店).

Hotel Best Western, Taipa

It is take about 20 minutes to walk from Hotel Best Western to Rua do Cunha, when we reach there, most of the restaurant were closed. Luckily, we still able to find the Restaurant Seng Cheong that we planned to eat the crab porridge. The crab porridge in Seng Cheong is very famous in Taipa, it is very tasty and not so costly, besides that the fried Yee Mee (干炒伊面) is also one of the highly recommended food in Seng Cheong. If you have chance to visit here, you must order both of it, I can guarantee you won't regret to do it.

After finished the dinner in Seng Cheong, we were bought some dessert at Mok Yee Kei (莫義记), Mok Yee Kei is located at the entrance of Rua do Cunha, it is very famous with the pudding, you can found a lot of different flavour there. After eat the dessert, we were walked around in Taipa city and go back to hotel to take a good rest to ready for the long journey on tomorrow.

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