Friday, February 24, 2012

Macau & Hong Kong Trip - Day 2 in Taipa & Hong Kong

Next day morning we started our journey to walked around in Taipa and planned to eat the "Bread with Pork Chop" (猪扒包) in Cafe Tai Lei(大利来记咖啡室), this is the one of the famous food and must try in Macau. The air in Taipa is quite fresh in the morning, we can see a lot peoples were jogging beside the street. During walked to Cafe Tai Lei, we were passed by the Cafe Hei Lin (喜莲记咖啡室)and attracted by the smell of the Pork Chop from this cafe, finally we decided to having our breakfast in Cafe Hei Lin instead of Cafe Tai Lei. However, this decision makes me lost the chances to taste this famous food forever in Cafe Tai Lei after this trip, because the main branch of Cafe Tai Lei is closed and stopped to running the business in Taipa.

View of Hotel Best Western, Taipa on day time

This "Bread with Pork Chop" really delicious, I wont forget the taste after ate it. After finished the breakfast we continue to walk around to Taipa town. Before visited to Macau, I thought Macau is a Christian country, actually it is not, there are also have a lot Buddhists in Macau, you can found a lot temples in Taipa.

Passed by the Cafe Tai Lei

Rua Do Regredor the street where Cafe Tai Lei located

Musuem of Taipa and Coloane History

After spent the whole morning in Macau, we travel to Hong Kong and started our journey in Hong Kong. It is take about two hours from Macau to Hong Kong by ship, after checked-in to Ah Shan Hostel Dragon Inn (阿山龙祥旅馆), we decided to had a short break in the hostel and after that departed to The Peak (太平山顶)on 4pm.

Ah Shan Hostel Dragon Inn (阿山龙祥旅馆)

We planned take the Peak Tram from the Lower Peak Tram Terminus to go to The Peak. We were walked from MTR Central station to the Lower Peak Tram , once we reached there we were really shocked, there were a lot tourists queued outside the ticket counter waiting to get the ticket. Luckily, we were bought the ticket from Ah Shan Hostel, so we can direct access to the entrance to take Peak Tram.

Entrance of Peak Tram

All tourists queue so long just because of this

Finally is my turn

Still need to queue to wait for the Peak Tram

The Peak Tram was reach

We can see the Hong Kong night cityscape easily on the roof top of The Peak, it is really nice, I will plan for my next visit to The Peak again on my next Hong Kong trip, but next time I must bring along my jacket because it is very cold on the roof top, I almost become a snowman without a jacket.

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