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Macau & Hong Kong Trip - Day 3 in Hong Kong

Next day morning we are departed to eat the Hong Kong dim sum in Restaurant Tim Ho Wan (添好运点
心)located in Kwong Wa Street (廣華街) in Mong Kok (旺角), when we reached there the restaurant still haven't open, but there already a lot people queuing outside the restaurant. Once the shop was opened all the people started to collect the queue number and pre-order the dim sum, because of the restaurant is not spacious, so I needed to wait for 40mins. While waiting for next round, I was walked around in the wet market (街市) nearby the restaurant.

Restaurant Tim Ho Wan (添好运点

The menu

The dim sum are really nice, I personal prefer the Traditional Sticky Rice with Chicken, Lo Mai Gai (古法糯米鸡), it is really tasty.

Recommended in the Michelin Guide

Traditional Sticky Rice with Chicken (古法糯米鸡)

After finished the dim sum, we departed to the Temple Wong Tai Sin (黄大仙庙) and Temple Man Mo (文武庙). Temple Wong Tai Sin is the one of famous attraction in Hong Kong, the are rumour said that the gods can help you achieve your wishes provided an earnest plea to the gods. Temple Man Mo is another famous attractions that picturesque tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo), it is located in Hollywood Road where is quite famous with selling the antique.

It is take about 40mins from Mong Kok to Temple Wong Tai Sin by mini bus, it is stop at the Wong Tai Sin MTR Station and about 5mins walking distance to the temple.

Temple Wong Tai Sin (黄大仙庙)

A lot adherents

Make a wish

After visited to Temple Wong Tai Sin, we take the MTR to Central Station and walk to the Temple Man Mo, during walked to the Temple Man Mo, we saw a lot of familiar buildings which always see in Hong Kong drama.

Temple Man Mo (文武庙)

After visited to Temple Man Mo, we departed to our last destinations, Avenue of Stars (星光大道) and A Symphoney of Lights (幻彩詠香江) located in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙嘴). And having our dessert in Hui Lau Shan (許留山), which is a very famous dessert franchise in Hong Kong.

Clock Tower (前九廣鐵路鐘樓)

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